Deposit Account FAQ’s

Q:  Where can I locate my routing number and account number on my checks?

A:  The bank’s routing number and your account number can easily be located at the bottom of your checks.  The first set of numbers is the bank’s routing number.  The second set of numbers is your account number with Middletown Valley Bank and the third set of numbers is your check number.  Please reference the sample check below as an example.check

Q:  How long must my account be inactive to become dormant?

A:  A deposit account becomes dormant after two years of no activity.  To correct this, simply stop by one of our convenient locations to conduct a transaction or sign a dormant account form.

Q.  How can I verify if my direct deposit has been posted to my account?

A.   You can easily check your transactions via our Online Banking or Telephone Banking, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. Can I remove someone from my account?

A. Yes, with a signature we can complete an account change request form.  However, depending on your reason for removing an individual, we may recommend closing that account and opening a new one.

Q:  I would like to close my CD account, would I be eligible to receive all interest paid?

A:  If you close your CD on the maturity date, yes interest is paid.  If closing CD within your grace period, we do not pay interest.

Q:  Does Middletown Valley Bank allow withdrawals from CD’s prior to maturity?

A:  Yes, we do allow a withdraw to be done but with a penalty.

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