Bill Pay

Bill Pay services are available to all Online Banking customers.

Signing up is easy, simply log in to Online Banking and click the "Payments" button!

Bill Pay Getting Started Tips

  • What is Online Banking Bill Pay?

    Online Bill Pay is a service that allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your Online Banking Account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment and which account you want the payment to come from. It’s safe, secure and easy to use.

  • Who can I pay with Online Banking Bill Pay?

    You can pay virtually anyone or any company with a mailing address within the United States and Puerto Rico.

  • How do I enroll in Online Banking Bill Pay?

    It’s easy to enroll in Bill Pay, just click on the "Payments" button in your Online Banking account and follow the steps to get started.

Bill Pay Features FAQ

  • How do I set up a Payee once I am signed up for Bill Pay?

    Select the "Payments" button and choose the “New Payee” button. Enter the requested information, this is typically found on your latest billing statement.

  • How do I make a payment to a Payee?

    Locate and select the desired Payee from your list of payees. Enter the payment amount and effective date, then select submit.

  • What is eBill?

    eBill is a feature that allows you to receive and pay electronic summary versions of paper bills directly from your Bill Pay. You will be able to view the balance due, the due date and minimum payment amounts.  You will continue to receive paper bill statements unless you contact the payee company and request that they stop sending the paper statements.  This can be accessed through the "Manage Payments" function inside of the "Payments" option.

  • How do I know if eBill is available for a payee?

    If a payee offers eBill, there will be a “Set up eBill” link available in your payee listing on your "Manage Payments" Bill Pay dashboard.

  • How do I pay an eBill?

    To pay an eBill, simply choose the account you want to pay from, enter the amount you want to pay and schedule when you want the payment delivered.  You can sign up to receive an electronic notice to alert you when an eBill has been delivered to your account through your “My Account” option. You can receive these notices in the form of emails or text alerts to provide an extra reminder when a payment is due.

Additional Bill Pay FAQs

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