Financial Literacy

We offer Financial Literacy Programs for all ages!

Several programs are readily available. Our goal is to provide your organization with a program that best suits your individual needs. Please share any specific content you believe would most benefit your audience!

Pre-K - Grade 2

What do they learn?

  • What is Money
  • Earning Money
  • Making Spending Decisions
  • Spending Plans

Grade 3 - 6

What do they learn?

  • Allowances and Spending Plans
  • Money Responsibility
  • Saving and Investing
  • Comparison Shopping

Grade 7 - 8

What do they learn?

  • Living on a Budget
  • Saving and Investing
  • Cars, Credit Cards and Loans
  • The Influence of Advertising

Grade 9 - 12

What do they learn?

  • Understanding the Cost of College
  • Credit and Why It Matters
  • Taxes and Inflation
  • Banking, Budgeting and Money Management


What do they learn?

  • Living on Your Own and Budgeting
  • Saving and Investing
  • Cars, Credit Cards and Loans
  • Buying a Home

Don’t forget Career Fairs!

Banking offers careers in more than just counting money and making loans. We have jobs in operations, human resources, marketing, and more. We try to represent all areas of the organization at events, so please contact us if you'd like us to attend one of your upcoming career fairs.

Financial literacy lessons provided using resources from Practical Money Skills by Visa.

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