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The first meeting of the Middletown Savings Bank was held on November 12, 1907. Since officially opening in 1908, the Bank has been a cornerstone for customers’ financial planning, residents and businesses alike. In 1937, Middletown Savings Bank bought out the failing Valley Bank and moved across the street into the present-day Main Office location. At a Board of Directors meeting held on August 20, 1965, it was decided to change the name from Middletown Savings Bank to Middletown Valley Bank. In 2018, Middletown Valley Bank formed the holding company, Community Heritage Financial, Inc. (CHF). CHF acquired Millennium Financial Group (DBA Mlend), a full-service mortgage lender, in 2019. Though many advances of the 21st century have made the financial world more competitive, Middletown Valley Bank continues to provide the flexibility and responsiveness only a true community bank can offer. Our exceptional customer service, combined with modern technology, provides customers with the best banking experience. To learn more about CHF and their companies, please visit the Investor Relations website or call (844) 533-9211.


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Middletown Valley Bank Core Values; Accountability, Collaboration, Community, Development, Relationships

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