A Message from MBA President & CEO

This is a wonderful message from Maryland Bankers Association President & CEO Kathleen Murphy. She is 100% correct, and we are truly grateful to our employees for diligently working through these unprecedented times.

A message from Maryland Bankers Association President and CEO Kathleen Murphy to the 26,000+ banking professionals in Maryland:

"When the skies are the darkest, the stars shine the brightest."

This is what I have always believed about our industry. You have been there for your clients and communities through floods, hurricanes, individual hardships and so much more. Your clients know the incredibly meaningful role you are serving today to help them preserve their economic futures.

We salute you for doing what you do best in the midst of this crisis. Our industry's resilience once again speaks volumes about the strength of the banking industry. Although it is a great responsibility to be an "essential service provider" at this time, we know that every banker continues to proactively go-above-and beyond to help Marylanders.

MBA thanks you for being responsive to the changes put forth by Governor Larry Hogan, to the demands of your community, and for challenging us and trusting us to meet the moment with you. As always, we are here for you.

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